Once You Experience the Hang Loose Experience you'll forever be apart of the #Looselife. The Hang Loose Experience isn't just a retreat, it's paradigm shift for your whole world.


the hang loose experience


Completely foundered on the idea that we don't know who we are until we are forced to dig deep and uncover those truths. The Hang Loose Experience is all about pushing your limits without you realizing you're working. You're strong. You're smart. Let's help you live a stronger smarter life!



Embracing nature and technology all in one fair sweep...


The Hang Loose Experiencewas founded at the intersection of extreme sports and deep intellectualism. Everyone on the Hang Loose team is a lover of one or both. Emersive learner causes you to coe to sel actualization in way that only life can teach. The Hang Loose Experience pushes your boundaries, and opens your eyes, mind, and soul not only to what is, but what could be. You could be propelling down a rock, when you realize that your fear of heights has diminished. Or it could be during a "Chopped" siminar that you realize that the ingredients of your life aren't a curse, but are the ingredients for a life well live. 

Around the bonfire late at night you'll build comradery, as we redefine fun. Enroll today for our next Retreat


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Birmingham, AL



M-Th 5p–11p
F-Sa 12p–11p
Su 10a–11p


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Come join us June 15th for our Wet “N” Wild weekend on the water. You’ll be pushed mental, physically and emotionally. Hang Loose specializes in helping you realize truths about yourself that are only forged through fire.